A Calaos home automation installation will include an automate to control the electrical panel and an home automation server that will drive it and be the brain of the system. To manage and drive such an installation, various supervision tools exist. The design, ergonomics and organisation of such supervision tool have been elaborated so that every user can easily manipulate them. So that users can easily drive a complex installation after a small technical brief when the system is setup the first time. But during that first setup phase the user may have or may want to do some complex configuration of his own installation. That's why we have detailled here every needed operation that need to be done for various actions.

The main supervising tool is the touchscreen interface. It is the most complete tool, the most ergonomic one and the one used the most often. We will go through the various menu in the first part of this document. We will then give additional detail on the web interface and the iPhone application.

Touchscreen interface


The touchscreen interface is the main supervision tool. We can find in the main menu all the element of the installation with the various configuration tools. Those tool make it possible to personalize the home automation installation to the need of the users as they see fit. The ergonomics of the interface has received great care as to make it nice to use, but still discrete in the house. The simple organisation of the menu enable an easy and fast navigation to the control point the user want to act on. We will detail step by step each menu fonctionality.

Home page

Room by room management

2. -My home


The media menu contain 5 sub category where we can find music, photo album, web browser, small games and a video monitoring.

3. -Music

4. -Video monitoring

6. -Web browser


7. - Screenwritting management


The configuration menu give you the possibility to customize the home page to make it fit your taste better. You can find here a menu with six section that make it possible to add gadget, configure date and time, password, adjust touchscreen panel, sort the various elements of the house and also adjust the screenwriting.

8. -Widgets et games

9. -Time and date

10. -Password

11. -Touchscreen and standby

12. -Sorting elements

13. -Preferred screenwriting

14. -Calaos network

15. -Updates