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 ====== One Wire ====== ====== One Wire ======
 +One Wire (DS18b20) temperature sensors are supported by the OWFS library. It is therefore possible to wire such sensors to the Raspberry Pi and use the W1 core drivers. It is also possible to use an OW SERVER ENET One Wire ethernet server or to use DS9490R USB interfaces as a 1wire/USB gateway for your home automation system.
 ====== Internet of Things ====== ====== Internet of Things ======
 +Beaucoup d'équipements peuvent aujourd'hui être pilotés via des requêtes Web. Calaos supporte ces équipements par le biais des WebIO. Exemple de matériels supportés :
 +Karotz (OpenKarotz)
 +Eco Device
 +OpenWeather Map