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Existing wago

I'm new to the community,
I have a wago750-881 system in place, which is fully programmed and running, now using only basic functions operated by push buttons.
I already have a lot of features standing ready to work once I have an application running.
Is it possible to install the calaos software on my wago without having to erase my existing software?

best regards
Hi and welcome,

No its not possible as calaos needs some specific part that runs on the wago to fully work.
Calaos Core Dev.
Calaos git sur NUC NUC5PPYH | Wago 750-849 | DALI RGB | Sondes NTC sur 750-464 | Sondes 1Wire DS18B20 avec adaptateur USB DS9490R | Nodes MySensors avec gateway USB | Ecran tactile ELO avec adaptateur USB/RS232 | Squeezebox Duet et Radio | Logitech Harmony Ultimate | Ampli Pioneer VSX921

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