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Message bus

I recently discovered this project and was thinking of using it for my domotic project.
I would like to use a messaging protocol to control a hardware board through calaos (think of mqtt/zeroMQ), but could only find the Wago PLC communication. Is it currently the only supported HW/communication protocol, or did I overlook that in the wiki?

My goal is to control some hardware boards I've made (I2C gpio expanders) with this frontend.
I'm an (embedded) SW engineer, so adding it myself wouldn't be that hard if it adds up to the project.

PS: is the forum/project/support french only?
Hi Wounter,

The project is mainly developed by French people, so a lot of threads are in French language. But we want to open the project as wide as possible. Last year, we worked to change the default language in all the softwares from French to English. There is possibly few translations missing from there to there, but it can be fixed easily.

About protocols support in Calaos, we support WAGO PLC as you said and few other technology. But there is lack of MQTT support. It would be easy to add such support. I began to write last year support for mqtt-sn, but never finished it. You can look at it here : it may give you some hint to start the dev. I think that mosquitto is a good lib to begin with.
For mqtt-sn i started my own lib here :
I dont know much about zeroMQ but I would love to see support for mqtt in Calaos Tongue
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Thanks for the reply,

I will try to allocate some time to do add mqtt support then (through libmosquitto) :-).
Are there any requirements on message format that I can find on the wiki?
No there is none, it's up to you, at least for the mqtt part.
Calaos v2 sur Rpi et MeleA1000 | Eco Device | IPX800 | Karotz | 1Wire | Relais GPIO | Squeezebox

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