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Mise à l'heure automatique Mele

J'ai eu des problèmes similaires dans le passé et j'avais du modifier mon /etc/ntp.conf comme ceci :

# This is the most basic ntp configuration file
# The driftfile must remain in a place specific to this
# machine - it records the machine specific clock error
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
# This obtains a random server which will be close
# (in IP terms) to the machine.  Add other servers
# as required, or change this.
# Using local hardware clock as fallback
# Disable this when using ntpd -q -g -x as ntpdate or it will sync to itself
#fudge stratum 14
# Defining a default security setting
#restrict default

J'avais commenté les lignes car mon Raspberry n'a pas de RTC (real-time clock), je suppose que la Mele non plus.
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